Boneflayer Warband

Long ago the Twin Empires' fist spanned across the entirety of Azeroth, claiming its untamed lands as their own while coating its grass in the blood of those who dared oppose them in the name of their Primal Gods: the Loa.

Times have changed and the Trolls failed to modernize and adapt to their surroundings. As has been seen innumerable times before, no reign lasts forever. The glorious Drakkari, Amani, Farraki, and Gurubashi empires have since fallen into disrepair, becoming husks of their former selves.

Several times the Trolls sought to arise through violence and brutality, and several times they've been decimated and obliterated by the resilient outsiders and younger races who encroached upon their land centuries ago.

The children of the Loa have grown discontent, and a mighty Warband filled with the Empires' survivors has been birthed from their strife. Venturing through the wastelands and stomping grounds of these decrepit, battered Tribes, the Boneflayer Warband seeks to provide relief and repair to them where is needed, and more importantly, the end of those who dare inhibit their people's rebuilding.

The Boneflayer Warband is a lore-abiding Troll-only guild on Wyrmrest Accord. Numerous guilds do not embody the savagery and primalism that is innate in Troll culture, and our group seeks to remedy that within our ranks.

It is a group of like-minded Trolls of all species with a single objective in mind: the restoration of the ruined tribes.

The group's plan is to focus upon each and every extant Troll tribe, settle alongside them for one month at a time, and provide relief and salvation by means of blade and constructive three-fingered hand alike.

As briefly aforementioned, the Warband will travel to these various tribes for months at a time and host numerous events each month to support these plotlines.

To stress this note, the Boneflayer Warband is not focused solely on warfare, as there are numerous other tribal aspects of roleplay to tend to. 
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